Our in-house audio technicians and sound engineers are masters of their craft, combining a profound knowledge of all techniques and practices with years of experience, which enables them to speed up the production process with uncompromising pristine audio quality.

With studios and control rooms acoustically designed to achieve the optimum reverberation times for speech recording and critical listening, we ensure that the talent’s performance is captured and monitored without any colouring and in full detail.

While we can work in any DAW, our industry standard Pro Tools equipped control rooms enable us to work on colab projects and the easy transfer of sessions.

Bluelab’s highly talented artistic directors are extremely experienced both in the studio and on stage, being professional and achieved actors themselves.

We work with the most prestigious, talented, and experienced broadcasters and actors.

Areas or Expertise:

Video Games – working with a wide range of professional actors, BlueLab has given a Portuguese voice and performance to many iconic characters that the players will always remember.

Marketing & Advertising – casting and recording the perfect talent to voice each unique brand will ensure the target market and audience is reached.